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An undoubted advantage of clothing sewn from scratch in PGWEAR Customs is the ability to interfere in every small detail. We are able to adapt your ideas and designs to our production capabilities so that the final effect meets your expectations in 100%. In many cases it is particularly important to modify the cut and to choose a non-standard combination of different colours. Two excellent examples of this type of projects are presented below.

Both jerseys were sewn from high quality cotton fabric with a weight of about 205g. Thanks to this, they will look like new even after several dozen washes. The combination of contrasting colours carries the risk of dying other laundry. Therefore, we used a special type of knitted fabric that is protected against it. To be 100% sure, we have made several tests, washing pieces of knitted fabrics.

The unusual combination of polo collar and V-neck neckline required the involvement of our technologists working on sewing patterns. The right sewing process needed a lot of precision. The large number of seams connecting knitted fabrics of different colours required extreme care. Finally each seam is perfectly even, ensuring a perfect look. In addition, we made sure that the seams were as flat as possible and did not hurt or irritate when worn.


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