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We have already described the production of T-shirts at PGWEAR Customs many times. This is one of the simplest to make parts of clothing. It does not mean, however, that all T-shirts must be similar. A lot depends on your ideas. Our graphic designers will help you refine the design, so that it meets your expectations 100% and adjust it to production capabilities. You can choose from a variety of cuts, colors and types of knitwear, decide on the size and placement of prints and accessories. Below we present you with one of the last realizations.

The shirt was made of high quality cotton fabric with a weight of about 205g, which is a guarantee of durability and good appearance for many years. Strips in yellow and red were made by screen printing.  Overprints of this type, reaching from the seam to the seam, are possible only in the case of shirts sewn from scratch, as they are made before the sewing of the front of the shirt with the back. The logo on the heart was made using the traditional embroidery method, which significantly diversified the visual effect.

If you are interested in ordering T-shirts created from scratch, according to your project or have a question, please write to us


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