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T-shirts made from scratch at PGWEAR Customs offer exceptional quality and durability. Another advantage of these T-shirts is that when ordering them you do not need to follow any commonly known patterns. It does not need to be a plain T-shirt with an print on the chest or at the back. If you choose to have your T-shirts made from scratch, you get thousands of possibilities. Below, you may see some examples of such T-shirts.

The Bordeaux T-shirt with horizontal stripes was made of knitted fabric, weight 210g. To get the stripes, the material was dyed according to the customer’s own design project. This is absolutely necessary for projects with many stripes. Sewing the stripes together would definitely make the T-shirt less comfortable to wear, whereas multiple seams would spoil the visual effect. On the heart, there is a jacquard patch (more information about jacquard patches).


The Esbjerg T-shirt was also made of knitted fabric 210g. In this case, we combined two different colors of the material in a traditional way, by sewing them together. However, we decided to use a special kind of stitching to make sure you almost do not feel the seams when wearing the T-shirt. On the heart, there is a logo made using a traditional embroidery method (more information about embroidery).


If you are interested in ordering this kind of T-shirts, or if you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail at

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