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We have already presented to you the production of T-shirts created from scratch  in PGWEAR Customs ( link1 , link2 ). When you order such T-shirts from us, every aspect of their look is of course up to you– from the colour and weight of the knitted fabric to the size and location of the pints and applications.

This time we are presenting to you a T-shirt produced by us with a use of a technology combining screen printing and embroidery. The T-shirt is made of knitted fabric with a weight of 205g/m2. It is a fabric of very high quality which guarantees that the T-shirt will look perfect for many years.

The blue and white stripes were made with the use of screen printing technique (more on prints made with screen printing technique). The prints of that type running from seam to seam may be applied only in case of T-shirts sewn from scratch. The imprint must be made before sewing together the front and back part. The logo you may see on the breast is an embroidered patch. Its height was adjusted to the width of the stripes, what created a nice visual effect. What is more, the client decided to add a small print at the back, on the neck.

If you are interested in ordering T-shirts sewn from scratch in PGWEAR Customs or if you have any questions – write to us at

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