Set AW23 VI


Mask Softshell Jacket Parka "Harbour" Black

Yes, the softshell parka jacket. The classy casual fit with full length zip, hidden pockets on the sides and decorated belt shape details on the end of the sleeves. This piece makes every casual outfit perfect, no matter if you are in the stadium,

Sweatshirt "Genuine" Mustard

The minimalistic casual sweatshirt is a must-have piece in every ultras, hooligan or casual football fanatic wardrobe! It will suit every type of outfit, no matter home or away, match or date, on the street or in the stadium!

Jeans "Rider" Blue

What is an item none outfit on the street or in the stadium can be imagined without? The piece of wardrobe perfectly suitable for all the seasons? Yes, the JEANS!

What you get:

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